Hello! Welcome to my blog! I am an Ohio native. Born and raised in the Ohio Valley area. Lived in Kentucky for about 5 years and am currently dead center in North Carolina.

I am a huge advocate on protecting the environment. I don’t go as far as not eating meat 😉 BUT I believe there ought to be a balance in all things and that when it comes to ones diet “you are what you eat”. What I mean by that, is I believe that it is important to know where your food comes from. How and where it was grown.

I have several passions. Passions for food… oh I love food. Grass fed, free range, homegrown… mmm. I love to cook and experiment with new recipes. Some recipes I post are from my head, and some I attempted from someone else but found something wrong and tweaked it. My passion for beekeeping. Honey bees alone are important to 1/3 of our food! I currently post on my first hive. My passion for gardening. Doesn’t matter where you live, even if it is an apartment with a balcony, you can still grow something of your own. And whatever you can’t possibly grow, go to your local farmer’s market. I am also passionate about all things local. What better way to support your community by shopping small and local. When you purchase an item from a local shop the money spent goes and stays in the community. If you were to shop at a department store chain, the majority if not all of the money you spent would leave the community and spread out to either over seas or to the headquarters location. For example Quaker Oats has their headquarters in South America. Weird huh? So not only the money you spent for that bucket of oats at Wal-Mart goes out of the community to the main headquarters for Wal-Mart which more than likely is outside of your state/county/city, only part of it comes back to pay an employee of the store (a few cents maybe a fraction of a cent?), and another portion which is the profit Quaker Oats made goes to South America. Local! Local! Local! So don’t fuss over Black Friday after Thanksgiving… not worth it. I used to work in retail and the sales we marked down were the same ones you could shop for a few weeks before and a few weeks after the holiday. It’s a scam! So shoot for Small Business Saturday. There will definitely be real deals and steals and you will be supporting your local economy.

I hope that you enjoy my blog! Side note: I am by no means professional in my writing skills! Please forgive any grammatical/spelling errors lol. I can point them out easily when I read someone else’s work but when I read my own… I am blind… lol!

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